About The Center for Family Enterprises
  The Kellogg School's Center for Family Enterprises is co-directed by professors Lloyd Shefsky and John Ward. Established in 1999, the Center's focus is on teaching, research and case writing about family business strategy, family business governance, family business succession, entrepreneurship in the family business, family foundations, family offices and family business culture.

Our Mission

  • To build a family business "community" among Kellogg School students, faculty and alumni
  • To develop a global network of successful business families who can learn from each other and connect with each other through the Kellogg School and our partner executive programs and conferences
  • To contribute to the body of knowledge through cases, writing, research and presentations
  • To provide leadership to the field of family business
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We welcome inquiries from all who are interested in enterprising families and are especially eager for Kellogg School alumni to click here and contact us.