Sibling Relationship Study - Please join us
Drawing on the latest family business research and research in relationship science, Drs. Justin Craig, Eli Finkel, and Kathleen Carswell seek to involve over 100 family businesses in the Sibling Relationships Study - a first of its kind study on sibling dynamics in family businesses.

The study will examine the intersection of family and family business with an emphasis on the sibling relationship and the supportive roles significant others play in family businesses. We believe family businesses to be one of the most fascinating and unique examples of collaborative goal pursuit, one that provides an especially rich source for scientific investigation. Our hope is that this work will lead to serious advancements in our understanding of sibling and family business relationships.

To participate in the study or if you have any questions, please click here to contact Kathleen Coughlin, Director of the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises.

Who can participate?

  • Those with a family-owned enterprise that has an operating business
  • Two sibling family members currently work in the same operating business and are married or have a long-term significant other
What does the study entail?

  • 30-45 minute online survey
  • Completed separately by two siblings working in the business and their spouses or long-term significant others
  • Questionnaires include items assessing family and business dynamics, your thoughts, backgrounds, opinions and relationships
  • Responses are completely confidential
For more information

  • Contact Kathleen Coughlin, Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises Director at
  • Click here for a PDF version of the details of this study.
  • Please view the video below in which Dr. Finkel provides additional background.
We look forward to collaborating with you.